A New Doctor Who, Good Omens & Aquaman

jodie whittaker as doctor who

After watching Doctor Who since 9 (Christopher Eccleston) and giving up sometime around the birth of Clara- who annoyed the hell out of me- it was so much fun to check out the new series and really enjoy it this Sunday!

The Woman Who Fell to Earth wasn’t a perfect episode and I was a little upset about the death at the end (though I think they’ll fix that) but I like the new companion people. The writing was really good again! It was funny and honestly a bit dark- thanks tooth collecting alien.

jodie whittaker as doctor who

Best of all Jodie Whittaker (whom I’ve never seen in anything else admittedly) did a great job as the Doctor. Hell she even built her own sonic screwdriver. I’m also interested to see what they do with Ryan who has dyspraxia and Graham whose cancer is in remission.

So yeah first episode its hard to say where this is going but I’m excited for this series again!

And speaking of things I’m excited about and Doctor Who… how I missed the Good Omens trailer is hard to believe since I’ve been hyped for that one since David Tennant and Michael Sheen where announced.

angel and demon in good omens

They play angel and demon best friends (depending on which one you ask) who must stop the end of the world from happening so they can continue to enjoy life. The series is based on Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett a book I was sure I read but apparently not. I will be rectifying that soon 🙂

good omens by pratchett and gaiman

And now thanks to the Discworld series read along I fell like I have a good enough hold on Pratchett’s writing to really enjoy this one.

Good Omens isn’t on Prime until 2019 but considering how fast 2018 is flying by… 🙂

madam satan in sabrina

I’ve also been looking forward to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis are playing her Aunts. I didn’t even realize Michelle Gomez (who played Missy on Doctor Who) would be playing Madame Satan. Which great name. Liked the little snippets of all of them in the preview and if nothing else the show looks like it could be fun.

Though I did have that Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen song stuck in my head for days! Netflix will drop Sabrina on October 26th providing me with some witchy goodness for that weekend!

Lastly of course the greatest trailer of them all was released…

jason mamoa classic aquaman

5 minutes of extended Aquaman goodness

Oh alright that has nothing to do with Doctor Who & lord knows you don’t need to sell me but, sorry to the comic fans, I’m pretty sure this is the only time in history that suit ever looked that good.

The preview does have some new back and forth between Arthur and Meera, some great action sequences which include Nicole Kidman for one. Also it launched my internal debate. Wet Aquaman or dry on-land Arthur?

arthur curry is pissed

Aquaman (and I) will be in theaters in December so plenty of things to look forward to for the end of the year!


18 thoughts on “A New Doctor Who, Good Omens & Aquaman

  1. I’m so excited for Good Omens! I’m a sucker for anything with David Tennant, really. It’s been ages since I’ve read Good Omens.

    1. I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet. I read a bit by either Gaiman or Pratchett about the publicity tour for it and swear I got it messed up in my head! Oh well. I can’t wait to read and watch that one!

  2. I’ve never watched Dr. Who (other than a few episodes here and there) but the new Dr. has me really intrigued! Maybe a good place to start.

    Sabrina looks like it’s gonna be bonkers!

  3. Great article!

    I have never watched Doctor Who, I have to admit. Although, I really became a fan of Jodie Whittaker from her time on Broadchurch. And David Tennant was also on that series. A super dark series but a definite recommend.

    I can’t wait for the Sabrina series on Netflix. I’m a huge fan of Riverdale. Not so much of its second season, but the first episode of the new season has the feels of the first season which was so good.

    Can’t wait for Good Omens. Such a fan of all the actors on this upcoming series. Going to try and read the book beforehand hopefully.

  4. I’ve never seen Doctor Who… 😀 Every now and then i figured i should check it out, but it’s been going on for so long. Not even sure where to start.
    Good Omens on the other hand is super intriguing. I think i should read the book first tho.

  5. Good Omens is an excellent book. And it works well as a reread. I’ve been daydreaming about the show since I saw the picture of Martin Sheen and David Tennant together! Yay! And I loved the first season of American Gods made out of Neil Gaiman’s book, so I have high hopes!

    And love love Doctor Who. I’ve been looking so forward to this. I have to admit I liked Peter Capaldi and his going back to Gallifrey.

  6. I think you’re wrong on the going to ‘fix’ that first episode death – this series has a much more ‘real-world’ edge to it than previous nu-who incarnations, much closer in tone to the earliest incarnations where there was more gravity to it so I dont see any ‘timey-wimey silliness that overtook Moffatt at times (and I speak as a fan of Moffatts work) . I loved Capaldi’s run but think this is going to be even better. Sabrina? will give it a go though not really my thing. ANd Good Omens is a must both Neil Gaiman and the late great Pratchett are literary and fantasy genius’s (geniei?) so should be fantastic (with that cast too)

    1. From what I’ve seen since you’re probably right 🙂 Though I do still think it was a bit of a pointless death. Funny I was so excited for Sabrina (and still plan to watch it) but all I’m interested in now is rewatching Daredevil! Good Omens- Sheen and Tenant could read the phone book and make it entertaining give them Gaiman and Pratchett and I can’t wait!

      1. Agree it might seem ‘pointless’ but you know what? That might just be its masterstroke. Sometimes people just do die…its her influence and importance to the living that is clearly the message to the audience especially the kids watching. I think i prefer that ‘truth’ to a fantasy ‘sacrifice to save the universe’ scenario that we normally have in Who and yes Daredevil was a vast improvement on the other…’okay but nothing special’ marvel-netflix productions (Jessica Jones season 1 being a notable exception largely because of a certain DT)

  7. Kilgrave and Kingpin are tied for my top villains. Which to be honest I’m not that big on D’Onofrio so loving him here is weird 🙂
    Agreed again about some deaths being pointless. It will definitely be interesting to see how the series plays out the writing is already infinitely better and I’m especially attached to her husband and grandson as companions.

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