farewell to fall tag & recommendations!

farewell to fall

It’s Fall for a few more days right? And I’ve done this tag for every season this year so since blogging is one of the few things I’m consistent on I wanted to keep going! You can find the link to Zarriah Rose (original creator) and recommendations for: Winter, Spring, & Summer

Best Book? (Show or Movie?)

all systems red

Absolutely loved All Systems Red and all the Murderbot novellas I read this Fall. They’re quick reads and I’m very much looking forward to the character getting a full length novel soon!


Also Daredevil Season 3 was probably one of the best seasons of television I’ve watched in a very long time and definitely the most enjoyable and well-done of the comic book show genre. The shows been canceled from Netflix of course but you should still watch this season and at least, at least there’s some closure for my angst babies.

An Old Favorite

good omens by pratchett and gaiman

I’m am cheating a bit here because this was the first time I’ve read Good Omens but I know it will be an old favorite and probably is for many people. I cannot wait for the show next year. The audio book was very good as well. Sometimes I was convinced the narrator was David Tennant. Of course everyone could sound like Tennant and I’d be happy.

A non-fiction recommendation?


An interesting look at gender double-standards, sex, politics, relations, legal cases. I had never heard of this case but it’s fascinating and it will likely make you angry the more things change the more they stay the same as the old saying goes.

A recommendation that will help people escape?

eleanor and chidi in the good place

After fighting it for ages I fell completely down The Good Place rabbit hole (and holiday cooking championships but that’s a whole other story.) We follow four fascinating people through the afterlife along with Michael and Janet- a super AI who literally knows everything and is fast shooting up the list of all time favorite AI’s.

Hell, I’ve watched several episodes a couple of times. Not only is the show funny but really smart and thoughtful with discussions of philosophy, ethics, forgiveness, death, judgement and Blake Bortles.

The first two seasons are on Netflix and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.



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  1. My bf is about to finish Good Omens and I can’t wait to read that book afterwards. He loves it as well, I have extremely high hopes. Glad it’s one of your favourites.

    And I’m with you with the Good Place, that show is addictive but also clever and it surely does make me think. I love it,

  2. I’m totally into The Good Place. It’s hilarious 😀
    Murderbot is another series i can’t wait to get into next year. Only heard good stuff about it so far!

  3. LOVED the good place, can’t wait for next season. The episode where Tahani and Kamila make up has to be by far my favourite episode, it’s one of the sisterhood stories that need to be shown more. And Chidi, whew, love him, have the hots for him, probably the cutest thing on TV right now. 😪

    1. Tahani and Kamila was really beautiful and so well written. I appreciated how they showed their parents influence in the whole mess as well and how they had in a very large way played them against each other and done them both wrong!

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