Zodiac Sign Recommendations: Aquarius

zodiac sign book recommendations

Well the Aquarius sign holds a special place in my heart. It’s traits include: true bohemian, logic combined with creativeness, a concern for the underdog and human rights. They are also gifted communicators, team players and full of great humor. But full of contradictions (like most people.) So I tried to pick the recommendations that most played into those.

I do like that one of the “issues” is flashes of unexpected rage. Um, yeah. I got that…

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I couldn’t help think of Elle Woods and Legally Blonde as a movie recommendation and a great character overall.


Dumplin’ is another great option for humor and pushing for the underdog especially. I haven’t read the follow up Puddin’ (it’s been sitting on my shelf since it was released) but considering that one is about the awesome Millie whose even more of those things than Willowdean I feel like it should go on the list.


She burned a convent for love and lived anyway she pleased flaunting the rules. Became a famous singer, fought duels and followed her heart through several love affairs. So I thought Goddess was a good pick for this one as well.

Then there’s a couple of other books that have been mocking me from my shelves that I feel would be great for Aquarius.


Moxie is about a young girl tired of what the girls at her high school put up with she starts a feminist zine that gets everyone talking. And blurbed by Amy Poehler! I love the idea of going with a zine and the cover immediately made me want to buy it.


I bought the book last fall when the movie came out and promptly never read it. The movie was good though- I finally watched it! Keira Knightley had some nice moments. She plays the French writer whose Claudine books were quiet sensational though they were originally claimed by her husband. Dominic West was quiet slappable in this one.

romantic outlaws

Romantic Outlaws is about the life of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley. Ah, again my bookshelves just mock me sometimes. I’m definitely putting this on my Read Soon List.  As I’ve watched the recent Mary Shelley movie I think she fits quite a bit of the Aquarius traits and I’d love to know more about her mother!

So generally speaking if my sign is trying to tell me anything at all it’s: READ WHAT’S ON YOUR SHELF!

Here’s the recs for Capricorn…

Happy Birthday to all the Aquarius birthdays out there!




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    1. I picked up Goddess because I thought that was Alicia Vikander and it was going to be an upcoming movie! But really her agents should get on the film rights. It was a fun book and it would be a great role for someone 🙂

  1. I find Dumplin a way that the “political correct” artists are trying to sooth the US public in general about the ramping obesity problem. The movie should have been about an obese girl who did something about it through healthy food and exercise and THEN won a beauty contest. Even half of the police officers, fire fighters and military personnel are obese; they’re endangering themselves, their colleagues and everyone else depending upon them to do their duty. Listen to Mrs Obama instead of paying attention to this obesity nihilists. It’s not because the majority is obese that obesity should become the new norm. Hence the actual US president is a fast-food junk. Xenophobia was widely spread among Germans after WW 1, hence they elected Hitler in office. Rings a bell?

  2. As I celebrated my Birthday last week I am taking notes. Great recommendations!
    Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian! 🎉🎉🎉🎂

  3. I… need to read more books lol, because I don’t know if any of these characters are remotely like the sign. Gotta say, Aquarius women are my faves, and I’ve noticed they seem to like detective stories as well! I would have pegged Legally Blonde as a Libra, but I can see Aquarius as well, as they’re surprisingly diplomatic. Keep these coming, I’m enjoying them immensely! ☺️

    1. I liked the movie a lot (though 9 to 5 was rolling through my head for weeks after!) I think Bo was a bit more prominent in the book- which I didn’t really mind him not being in the movie that much and I think Willowdean had a bit more energy. I thought the actress was good but kind of subdued and it might be she had to do the accent. Who knows? It’s a really fun book though and the message is the same!

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