Derry Girls Meets Stephanie Plum

Teenage Bounty Hunters


It’s like Derry Girls meets the Stephanie Plum novels and just as fun.

I originally saw this on the excellent TV Fanatic Blog and had to give it a go. I’m glad I saw the review first because the beginning was a little bumpy but in the end I speed through this series and really enjoyed it.

The series is about Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) neither one I ever heard of before but were first rate in this. They play twins rich daughters in a super religious school in the South who take up bounty hunting after well doing it accidentally one night.

Kadeem Hardison is excellent as well as Bowser mentor, boss and eventually of course pseudo-father figure. Even if he does join the Tony Stark school for questionable parenting decision making involving teenagers.

I appreciated that everyone has something to do in this show. Including Blair and Sterling’s parents. Romantic subplots actually weren’t bad even for me whose not big on the romance mainly because neither of them go at all were I was thinking they would.

The twins have fantastic chemistry. I totally bought them as sisters who often share one braincell.

I also think the show walks the line very well on the religion aspect with the girls questioning and living their own lives but finding comfort in it when they could. It’s a part of the show but doesn’t take is seriously and calls out the hypocrisy without vilifying it (which I’ve actually seen offends some people in and of itself.) But that’s a whole other thing.


I’m not a fan of guns or hunting (I turned my head away when Blair went hunting with her father) but they are featured actually practicing with the weapons and having been trained.

So besides the questionable underage bounty hunting thing I actually found the way it dealt with a lot of issues pretty realistic. The trailer for this show is fun but it kind of doesn’t do it justice.

On the downside it starts off a little slow. While I did grow to love April her rivalry with Sterling and her whole look really gave me such Paris from Gilmore Girl vibes it was actually kind of distracting but that’s really only the beginning few episodes. And it ends with a real cliffhanger. I liked the characters so much I definitely want that season 2 Netflix!

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Not sure if this is a series for me honestly but still I’m game to try almost anything😀 It doesn’t sound too bad actually, and your review did sell it for me, so maybe I will give it a go😀

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