Black Widow’s Final Date… (Probably)

Scarlet Johanssen as Black Widow

Well Disney moved Black Widow back to July 9th and even doing that it’s still going to day and date it which means customers choice it will also be available on Premiere Access Disney+.

Cruella is keeping her May 28th date (yay!) but also doing the double duty thing.

As far as Marvel Shang-Chi is going to September 3rd which traditionally is never a good date for films (but it’s Marvel so…) however they are saying it will be a traditional release.

The biggest surprise is Luca which looks excellent is going to Disney+ at no extra cost. So Disney’s just giving away Pixar movies now.

Interestingly enough they are still sending some of the Fox movies just to theaters all be it at later dates. So we’ll have to see how this plays out. Honestly at this point Black Widow, for me, feels like just release it already and show an Eternals preview. I really want to see both her and Cruella.

Where I see them depends on safety and well financial issues (I honestly think premiere access is a bit of loss) and I’ll probably decide closer to the release dates. But I do appreciate getting to chose how I want to view them.Hopefully they stick the dates!

4 thoughts on “Black Widow’s Final Date… (Probably)

  1. I wish it was just theater, but alas, I just want to see Black Widow by this point. I’m sorry to say all these pushbacks have diminished my excitement for it a bit, but I’m sure I’ll perk up when I see it. Cruella I’ll also be seeing in theaters, because I have a feeling it’ll be fun to see with a crowd. The Pixar disrespect is a little baffling to be, but I guess they don’t want to take chances on original movies (even though Raya was released without issue).

    1. I wonder if Cinemark is going to refuse to play these movies like they did Raya though? I’m guessing not. Nice form of protest but I bet their going to want Black Widow especially day and date or not.

  2. I really hope they keep the July 9th date for ‘Black Widow’ as I’m excited to see it and July 8th is my birthday. Our local movie theatre is Cinemark and they let you either do the socially distant show or rent out a theatre for a private screening. It’s pricey but I did it with some friends for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and we’re talking about doing it for ‘Black Widow,’ too. And I will happily kick in money alongside family and friends to get to see Natasha’s first solo movie as a birthday present to me!

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