My Top 7 Marvel Characters

Thor getting the Thunder

Endgame is coming!

And possibly a new Taylor Swift album but that’s a story for another post πŸ™‚

So I thought I’d do my picks for Top 7 Marvel Characters. Why 7? Well I couldn’t narrow it down to five. I am basing this a lot on who I feel has had the best overall writing and story arcs throughout the series at least as much on who I just plain love.

Black Panther meets the King

7. T’Challa (Black Panther)

He’s definitely the newest character on my list. I’ve made fun of the fact that I found him the most boring person in his movie (not a bad thing) but I recently rewatched Civil War and remembered how much I enjoyed him there. How much I enjoyed his introduction.

I really appreciated the handling of both his anger, grief and rage as well as the end when he finally confronts the man responsible for his fathers death. And Lord knows I should never knock Marvel for a character that’s quiet, introspective and not offering sarcastic puns every three seconds.

Thor and Loki for the win

6. Thor & Β 5. Loki

While I do think they went a little too much back and forth on Loki the brother dynamic between the two always stayed strong. And in the end I do think Loki chose his brother and accepted both parts of his parentage.

Also Thor has gone from spoiled Prince to honestly one of the most tragic characters in the series. His scene with Rocket in Infinity War when he took stock of his loses (everything basically) was very moving and the hair cut was a complete benefit.

Rocket Raccoon

4. RocketΒ 

Speaking of Rocket this was not a character I expected to care about other than the fact he was funny and cute. He’s one of those sarcastic biting characters but I think they did a nice job in the second movie talking about his family and his fear of losing them. I like that he’s a creature of action and maintains his hobbies of weapons and body parts collecting even at the worst of times.

Thankfully he has the space pirate angel of Thor when he learns that everyone else has dusted along with Groot.

nebula gets her day

3. Nebula

After the first Guardians movie I must admit my thoughts on Nebula were, “You shaved all your beautiful red hair for that part?” The second movie did a much better job of giving her an actual beating heart and showing underneath the rage and the anger an incredibly scarred abuse victim who also felt betrayed by her sister.

Karen Gillian and Zoe Saldana worked so well together that I totally bought it when Gamora gave up the information on the stone so he’d stop harming her sister. I’m probably most excited for her getting her moment in Endgame.

Captain America

2. Steve Rogers aka Captain America

Ah, Steve. Steve is on my list for writing and arc as much as anything because I don’t really love the character but I can totally see why people do love him and admire him. Even if he does make me occasionally roll my eyes. And I think he’s one of the most interesting and well-written without a doubt.

(Also because he’s generally had the better movies.)

They managed to believably have him hold onto his idealism in a very tough world and against bitter odds. Finding out the truth about SHIELD for one big one.

I also find him incredibly flawed. His love for Bucky tends to blind him to other peoples feelings as much as his stubbornness blinds him to other options. He’s a fascinating character really willing to sacrifice half the universe for one man who knew better and wound up dying twice anyway. I believe he truly thought that was the right thing to do but also, maybe just a little bit, truly believed that they (he) couldn’t lose?

Tony Stark

1. Tony Stark aka IronmanΒ 

It might be unfair to say he’s had the best writing and the best arc since he’s been around the longest. But still that’s what I believe and weirdly I was never a big fan of the Ironman movies but I do appreciate how he basically went from I want nothing to do with your little club to… Okay, I’m going to do this with more intensity than I’ve ever done anything in my life!

He is, like Steve, someone who works for good but is incredibly flawed whose enormous guilt and daddy issues get in his way as much as anything else.

I think I just relate more to his cynical pragmatism. Also I think this character really shines in his relationship with Rogers- which is also deeply mixed in his relationship with his late father. And with Peter Parker who he feels responsible for and maybe sees the better part of himself in? (Peter of course shares not a few similarities with Steve Rogers which I’m sure Tony sees as well.)

Anyway essays have been written on both Steve and Tony but in the Marvel universe like that other one I will always be Team Stark πŸ™‚