Speculating about the Mandalorian Finale

Baby Yoda

Instead of talking about The Rise of Skywalker I wanted to endlessly speculate about my favorite piece of Star Wars media in ages- the Mandalorian. Whose season finale airs this coming Friday.

Obviously spoilers through the most recent episode 7 below.

So episode 7 ended with Mando, Cara and Greef pinned down by a very serious looking Giancarlo Esposito and a battalion of storm troopers along with the way more imposing death troopers. The Client (Werner Herzog) is dead, unfortunately because where are we going to find the likes of that line delivery again?

Mando is already doing what he hadn’t yet really done all season- panicking. And he doesn’t know that his friend Kuiil is already dead and the child in the hands of the storm troopers on the way back to the city.

Mando and Kuiil in the Mandalorian

IG-11 is unaccounted for and the director of the next episode Taika Waititi is also his voice actor so he has to play a part. Mando’s distrust for droids, deep dislike for this one but his respect for Kuiil’s belief that he had reprogrammed it all played parts so I have to think he’s going to do something for the better?

Prove Mando wrong and get the baby back at the very least?

But then you do have to wonder how Esposito’s character knew the baby wasn’t with them originally? The storm troopers only made a move to find Kuiil when Mando started calling him on the comm… Is IG-11 already a traitor?

IG-11 and the Mandalorian

Considering the set-up I have to hope not and that he does something to contribute getting them out of this mess.

Then there’s Cara to think about. While the Force choke brings up all kinds of issues the Child clearly shakes his head no when Mando stops him and calls Cara a friend. The Child seems to know things and want to help even people like Greef for Pete’s sake so what did he pick up with Cara?

Gina Carano in the Mandalorian

Since I don’t think she’s actively working against them- at least not for the Imperials- I got to wonder if it’s something in her past, something concerning the horrible thing she did… Maybe killed a former friend or something? Or if she’s not betraying them to the Imperials maybe there’s some thought about whether the New Republic would wipe her record clean if she could bring them the child?

I don’t know but Baby Yoda knows there’s something there and I trust him 🙂

Also if they do make it out and she stays with them I have to wonder if Gideon won’t sell her out to the New Republic. It could put even more trouble on them.

Baby Yoda

I’m also wondering about the fate of the other Mandalorian’s. We haven’t seen them since episode 3- but Fennec Shand implied that it hadn’t gone well for them. Are they dead? Does this new Moff have them to use against Mando? Was she just full of shit? Because that would be so, so sad.

Either way an interesting point that Kuiil brought up was that Baby Yoda much like IG-11 will likely go the way of whoever imprints on him. And I can’t help but think of his eager look watching Mando disintegrate Jawas in 2…

But it’s a real catch-22 for them. Mando truly wants this kid safe and away from violence but also violence is coming to him constantly. (Not that episode 6 wasn’t an interesting choice on the Mando’s part but hey, he’s got to feed the kid.)

But I’m thinking if they are to get out of this next week it’s going to likely be with a huge outlay of violence. Maybe even from the Child?

And as for the other thing…

Boba Fett

Was that him at the end of episode 5? It seems like the season finale is a perfect time to confirm it if it is.

Truthfully I’ve been a Star Wars fan for 20 years and never understood what the big deal about stinking Boba Fett is. Should have stayed in the pit. I hope it’s not him. I don’t think they need him at all and I might roll my eyes.

But if it is him I’m willing to give it a chance that I wouldn’t have before watching the first season. It’s confirmed we’re getting a second season, already filming actually, and no way do they kill the Child… but do they get away with him on Friday? That’s the real question!

8 thoughts on “Speculating about the Mandalorian Finale

  1. I’ve wondered if there is any connection with Boba Fett. I think baby yoda is going to take his kidnappers out. I’m not sure how that will play out – maybe he’ll take them out and the killer robot will come save him or something. It all definitely looks bad atm. ❤️

  2. Argh, so many good thoughts here! That was such a shocking ending to the last episode. I really hope the finale is a little longer than the rest just to tie up some of these loose ends!

  3. Oh, loved this post. Until a few days ago i didn’t even know this series existed. You certainly put me in the mood to start watching it <3 🙂

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