Who’s Your Batgirl Pick? *Updated

Batgirl in Harley Quinn

The shortlist of actresses for the new Batgirl movie is out and as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is one of my top DC characters (and we’re never getting a live-action Ivy) I can tell you who I most want is…

A new screenwriter for the film.

But we’re stuck with Christina Hobson and just fingers crossed she doesn’t do to Barbara what she did to ugh “Cassandra Cain” in the Birds of Prey movie anyway the actress up are…

Zoey Deutch (Zombieland 2), Leslie Grace (In the Heights), Isabella Merced (Dora and the Lost City of Gold) and Haley Lu Richardson (Split) amongst other films. My vote is always going to be for the red head so that would be Zoey Deutch.

Actually I like Merced and Richardson (who actually might have already dropped out) but both look so young and I like the idea of a mid-twenties Barbara.

Leslie Grace looks the part as well I just haven’t seen anything she’s in from start to finish. (Sorry I like my musicals either about dying showgirls at the Moulin Rouge or Meryl Streep not knowing who knocked her up.)

So I vote Zoey.

And pray there’s a new screenwriter by the time they get to Ivy 🙂 But my Ivy castings are not relevant to Batgirl.

Speaking of WB the new Dune trailer should hit later this week. Finally. Finally. I need some Oscar and Jason.

It’s been nearly a year since the first/last trailer which I can’t even believe.

I have to think especially now that Loki’s finished that much anticipated Spiderman trailer is dropping soon 🙂

And speaking of Marvel Black Widow took a second weekend hit at the box office. Everyone’s blaming the day and date release thing. I’m not saying that certainly didn’t play a part but I also can’t help think (my opinion of course) it was only an average movie that would have been better 5 years ago… But Hollywood is not going to self-reflect to hard.

Onto happier thoughts!

Friday is the start of the new season of Ted Lasso which is getting great reviews so I can’t wait for that and I’ve said before and I’ll say it again it’s definitely worth the Apple+ subscription.

***Well Batgirl is going to be Leslie Grace. Like I said I’m not familiar with her work but I’m sure she’ll be great. Not going to lie though my red-head loving heart is crossing my fingers for Poison Ivy not needing a wig or a dye job 🙂


  1. I Think Julia Garner would be good choice for Batgirl/Barbara Gordon In upcoming Batgirl project

  2. I Think Zoey Deutch would be good choice for Batgirl/Barbara Gordon In upcoming Batgirl project

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